83 Bowery FL2 NYC

formerly: Rubber Factory
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NYC | solo show
09–06–2023 to 10-07-2023 

Inflaming Machines

Hings Lim

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07–27–2023 to 08-27-2023 


Anne Wu
Citra Sasmita
Lili Chin
Michelle S. Cho

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05–19–2023 to 07–01–2023

White Lodge

Pacifico Silano
Anders Lindseth
Alyssa Kazew
Ondine Vinao
Jia Sung
Alya Hatta
Deanna Barahona
Rebekah Campbell
Lau Wai
Xingzi Gu

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03–17–2023 to 05–06–2023

Black Lodge

Angela Bidak
Braden Bandel
Erica Mao
Jesse Genepi
Nate Flagg
Ragini Bhow
Raya Terran
Rexy Tseng

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01–28–2023 to 03–11–2023

Ideal Acre

Alex Callender
Adriana Furlong
Adam de Boer
Hings Lim

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